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BELL Schools Cultural Centers are a special learning experience for students that have the need to speak American English in a natural and practical way.

BELL Schools Cultural Centers use an adaptive learning process to enhance the Behavior, Ethics, Learning and Language of the student. Each student is matched with others to provide a special learning environment that encourages and strengthens their existing abilities and builds new talents, learning methods and skills to help them get along in life and a new language environment.

Many other schools simply provide words and grammatical structure and expect the students to learn the rest on their own. Language includes culture and custom and without those ingredients, the language will not be spoken naturally or in real native ways.

BELL SCHOOLS Cultural Centers provide a real life home/cultural environment in which students learn in real life circumstances.  Lots of love and encouragement are provided and constructive discipline is provided for strong guidance for character development.

All students are motivated to assist others and help build other students up using their unique abilities and talents. This provides an atmosphere where every student has something to offer.

Small groups of 8 or less students provide a combination of direct care and observation, camaraderie, teamwork and healthy competition. Students and parents are interviewed and evaluated to allow the Cultural Centers to find the right match of other students to maintain the best possible learning environment.

Individual One on One Services are also provided for adults and children.

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